About Us

About our community.

With our recruitment status being¬†Open, we’re receiving a lot of applications for new members, and it’s great to see that what is a small community can grow into something great.


We’ve got a fantastic set of drivers, that we ensure follow all of TruckersMP’s strict procedures and rules, to ensure proper simulation and realism is kept to a high standard.


A new department that we’ve just opened up, these are the people that deal with our recruitment process for all of our newest applicants, as well as keeping our high standards up with our drivers.


Our Management Team are always on hand to assist with any queries that our Resourcing Team can’t deal with. They also uphold the standards of the community, ensuring that drivers are getting their requirements in etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently we do not have a requirement for this, as we are always looking for new members of the simulation community to join us.
If you have any questions, we’re always happy to assist you.

At the moment, once you’ve completed your one week probation as a member, you are then permitted to progress through to other divisions within the community, and to do this, you’ll need to put a division transfer request in via our Members Hub section.