Public Announcement
We’ve just performed a full server overhaul, as to which we’ve wiped out a lot of channels, that weren’t being used.
Below is a list of things that have changed.

Human Resources
We’re introducing the Human Resources department to the community, to allow us to properly manage applications and complaints, etc, there will be a job opening for this very soon.

Application Changes
We’re no longer using TruckyBot for our Applications, and will be moving to a more professional ticketing system, which will allow us to properly monitor your applications, whilst keeping everything on Discord.

Removal of Game Roles
We know, we’re a gaming community, but the majority of the channels (particularly FiveM and Minecraft), we don’t actually have servers for.
TruckersMP and SCS related conversations are what this community is about, so we’ve removed all gaming channels, as you can discuss these freely in our Members Lounge, etc.

Introduction of Divisions
This is something that we have been looking into for a while, and the same goes for the Human Resources team, we will be looking for Division Management for these divisions, where we’ll be giving our current drivers first chances on applying.

A full list of divisions can be found on our Divisions page.

TruckersMP Validation
We’re not yet at the stage of verification, but we’ve now been validated as a VTC for TruckersMP, you’ll find us just below the Verified communities.

That’s it for now,

Further updates will appear once I return from my LOA!


Director & CEO of Alliance Transport Group

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