Truck Skin Competition

We’re looking for a new truck skin for our fleet, and we’re asking you, the community to bring some ideas to the table. Read this post to find what we need!

We love to work with our community members, and this is why we’re releasing a competition for some new truck skins to add to our already growing fleet.

Are you skilled with creating awesome skins for Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator?
Or do you just fancy giving this a go?

Whatever the case, we have some goodies to give out to those who make something that will suit our communities trucks and fleet for many months or years to come.

What do we need?

We’re looking for a few new themes for our trucks, which is why we’re adding three prizes for the top three designs.

You can base these on any truck in the base game of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (preferably) and also American Truck Simulator.

The truck theme must include the colour scheme as listed in our Garage page, and must somewhat resemble our brand itself, which can be found on our Brand page.

These images can also be found via our Discord too.

Once you’ve successfully made a livery that we can work with, please screenshot the truck, and also send over the SCS file as generated by the software used to compress the files together, this is so we can test the truck skins ourselves in-game.

We will also gift some random steam keys to those who weren’t in the top three, just so we can show our appreciation for your efforts.

The Prizes

As promised, there will be some prizes for creating these skins / liveries for us.
We won’t let you go without, as we appreciate any efforts put into making them.

1st Place – Road to the Black Sea DLC & Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC
2nd Place – Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC & Scandanavia DLC
3rd Place – Going East DLC & Schwarzmüller DLC
Runners Up – Random Steam Keys (We don’t know what they are.)

Where to send them?

Please send all entries via the form below, or email Mark directly.

Alternatively, you can contact Mark via Discord (ItsMeerken#0001)

Director & CEO of Alliance Transport Group

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