Our Team


We’re very grateful for the team that we have at Alliance Transport, particularly our Drivers, but we wouldn’t have a team if it weren’t for a select amount of people that are listed below.



Meerken (Mark) is the founder of Alliance Transport.
Originally starting the group out, back in 2017, and then re-forming it in January of 2020.
Mark is responsible for the website development, as well as other services we use for Alliance Transport.


Community Administrator

Ocean (Michael) is one of our Community Administrators for Alliance Transport.
He joined Alliance Transport when we opened in January of 2020, and has since then engaged in the community in more ways than we can be thankful for, you can see Ocean around the Discord server.


Community Management

Exclusive (Poppy) is one of our Community Managers, she is often seen conversing with members around our Discord server, and can be actively seen engaging with our applicants when they apply to join us.
Why not say hello, she’s friendly, and loves to make new friends!


The Janitor (Bot Developer)

Inclusive (Ben) is one of our good friends within the community, and also a fellow Administrator and Developer alongside Mark at TruckSimFM.
Inclusive can often be seen fiddling with code on the Bot, and often breaking it without us realising!