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Social Media Team

Role Description

Our social media team are at the base of the community, in regards to our online presence, you’ll be working on various social platforms to advertise the community.

Role Responsibilities

  • Use Twitter regularly to advertise the community.
  • Connect with other communities on Social Media.
  • Provide updates regarding the community.
  • Converse with Management and Human Resources about campaigns.
  • Branch out to other platforms we may not already be present on.
  • Create fun advertising campaigns, working with our Design team.
  • Provide updates to our Discord Server.

Role Requirements

  • Must have had prior social media experience.
  • Must have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram installed.
  • Must be aged 16 or over.
  • Remain professional at all times when conversing on Social Media.
  • Keep our Social Presence active.
  • Must have an active TruckersMP, and ITMP forum account.
  • Must be actively involved within the community.
  • Great communication and writing skills are essential.

Please note, successful applicants will be required to fill out a Non Disclosure Agreement.